The Fit

Through design, custom sizing tailored to your measurements, and the use of high quality fabrics and thread, I've thought of every detail to assure your leotard is comfortable, flattering and fits the way you desire.

Every body is Unique

Standard sizing (XS-XL) doesn't take into account the many nuances of the body that make every dancer unique. 

Maybe your torso is longer, or shorter, than the average. Perhaps you have a glorious, broad chest or are quite narrow, with a cup size that's DD. Whether you're pear shape, hourglass, apple or banana (why is fruit the common comparison?!), by providing your 4 measurements and cup size you'll get the ideal fit. A leotard that doesn't gap in low the back or under your bust, or have you constantly tugging down or pulling up, but fits like a glove and is oh so flattering!   


Fit Details

- Fabric leg elastics that are soft and stay put without digging in

- Wide crotch that provides comfortable coverage

- Just an overall "good butt". Covers your buns and still has a flattering leg line in the front.

- Every style accentuates the waist.